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Delayed Entry Program

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The Delayed Entry Program is a mandatory two week program for every new recruit of 10SFG.  After you applied and your application was approved.  You will enter into the program.

During this time.  You have no rank, and may not attend  Basic Training, AIT or Qualifications.  However, you may attend any all events that we have scheduled.  Whether that is playing on our public server, helping with trainings, or participating in Arma Operations. 

Use this time to your advantage.  This is great time for you to learn about the unit and determine if this is a good fit for you.  This also gives us an opportunity to see how you fit with the group and what you can bring to the organization. 

Things we expect from you during the DEP program:

  1. Maintain activity on the website / game servers / and discord
  2. Participate in events
  3. Offer assistance with training's (although it's up to the instructor if you can help)
  4. Adhere to our Code of Conduct and Mil-Sim culture

What you can expect from us

  1. Respect and professional gameplay
  2. Active community that will help you learn what you need to learn
  3. Communication and an organized community
  4. Access to our training server, Arma operation server, as well as a team to play on our Squad public server
  5. To get to know you

We want to welcome fellow brothers/sisters into our organization.  Not just another player.  We take this time seriously and you should as well.  If we feel you are not a good fit we will simply state that.  And vice versa. 

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