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1SG Benality

New Website

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Behold the glory that is the new 10SFG Home.  Tons of new features about to roll out for this site.  It's faster, more flexible and provides better communication.  Something we have been lacking lately.  It's my goal as the NCOIC of the 75th RRC to make this group the best damn group around. 


  • **Discord Integration**
    • You now can login, register using Discord.  Makes it easier to manage users.
    • Not required - Username, Password, Email registration still available
    • All emails regardless require validation
    • SteamID64 is required for profile creation
  • **Announcements**
    • As you know, announcements are now updated into the Discord server automatically.  This means that whenever a leader posts unto the news and announcements forum. 
  • **Units**
    • New units feature that will allow units to setup events etc.. Great tool that we will expand on more as we move forward.
  • **Applications**
    • All applications are now approved and handled on the website.  When the application is approved, Groups are auto assigned on the website.  There is the ability to sync roles in Discord based on this, however we have not implemented it as of yet. 
  • **AAR's**
    • There are forms for trainers to submit AAR's.  These will be how we document going forward who has completed what, when.  That way we have a running record. 
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