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    Last comment wins

    Rules are simple... Whoever has the last comment before the topic lock will win a cool secret prize MUHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. Please post any suggestions, comments you have on the following items that were covered in the meeting. If you were not part of the meeting, please understand you may be speaking of things that have already been covered. Agenda Squad events and activity plan These are held once a week to populate our servers Populations can be held multiple times a week. But the unit calendar will reflect one event Make sure you have the right server information and correct mods downloaded to participate in events We are looking at ways to make Squad more engaging. This means we may start running some TvT events or SvS events. If you have suggestions, use the forum to post these ideas. Arma events and activity plan These are held at least once a week, they are on the calendar on the website If other events come up as in a co-op mission with another unit, this will be something that is communicated ahead of time. Make sure you have all mods downloaded prior to the event Unit-wide activity requirements Login to the website at least once a week. LOA is excluded from this If you are inactive for a week you will be flagged as inactive on the website Inactive members may not be allowed to participate in events unless they report for duty on the website. Ongoing communication plan The forums are the main point of all communications. Discord is not meant to be a living repository for information. You will reference material you need by going to the site and the forums Training updates and planning BCT and AIT will undergo some changes Training will happen once a week. Qualifications have been integrated into AIT. How this will look will be something we need to formulate If you currently need qualifications, you need to get these done ASAP Competitive Play Introduction and Feedback What’s everyone's take on competitive Squad play? If we do this, it will be something that will take a considerable amount of time. We will not accept anyone that cannot meet the training and practice requirements 75th Unit Roster Updates Tons of changes will be coming to the Roster This has been a struggle and something that I have been working on for a while. DEP rundown Required for every new recruit A two-week program designed to help orientate new members and provide the best experience.
  3. 1SG Benality

    Squad Operations

    This day we will play squad as a unit. This will either be for Squad vs Squad or running in our Public server.
  4. 1SG Benality

    [Squad] Advance Infantry Training

    We are combining qualifications and AIT into one session. You will be able to participate and complete AIT each week.
  5. 1SG Benality

    [Squad] Basic Training

    We will conduct basic training in Squad on our Training server
  6. 1SG Benality

    Bi-Weekly Unit Training

    Unit will conduct a random unit drill in either Squad or Arma every other week.
  7. 1SG Benality

    Arma Operations

    Arma Operations - The unit will get together and play an Arma operation
  8. 1SG Benality

    75th RRC Company Meeting

    We have these every so often. It’s a way to put out information that is needed to help get everyone on the right track. This meeting will be jam packed. And I will be leading and conducting the agenda. Everyone’s mic will be muted Agenda Squad events and activity plan Arma events and activity plan Unit wide activity requirements Ongoing communication plan Training updates and planning Competitive Play Introduction and Feedback 75th Unit Roster Updates DEP rundown We have a lot to cover. We will start promptly to respect everyone’s time. If you are unable to make the meeting, let your leadership know. You will be marked absent from the meeting if you do not inform leadership ahead of time .
  9. 1SG Benality

    E4 Below Conversation

    Thank you to all E4's that offered input. There are some common themes and those are things I will focus on. Communication from leadership and getting everyone on the same page Delegation to lower enlisted on certain tasks such as training etc More training on Arma Lower enlisted stepping up more to show they can handle these responsibilities. Although there are some other suggestions / issues listed above. These seem to have multiple mentions. Which, as a leader, is what we call "low hanging fruit". The next step is planning and execution. If anyone has any suggestions please DM me in Discord
  10. 1SG Benality

    Bonesaw submitted an application

    Approved for DEP
  11. 1SG Benality

    E4 Below Conversation

    Two examples of communication from leadership. Anything specific?
  12. 1SG Benality

    E4 Below Conversation

    This topic will auto lock at the end of the day. Audience: This topic is only for E4 and below (SPC and Below). Topic: Unit feedback / plan of action **Reply to this post** This is a mandatory conversation for all SPC and below. What I want to hear from you is your input on how the unit is currently being ran. What are some suggestions you have, and things you would like to see change and/or stay the same. Don't make this a bitch session. This is a way for our unit to become better and improve on areas that need attention. You will not be reprimanded or scolded in anyway. For your SPC's, if there is a concern, be prepared to discuss how you would go about fixing / correcting the issue. As a future leader, you will be looked at to help the lower enlisted and guide them. All the Privates in the unit, don't be shy to add some real feedback. Things don't get better without it.
  13. 1SG Benality

    Delayed Entry Program

    The Delayed Entry Program is a mandatory two week program for every new recruit of 10SFG. After you applied and your application was approved. You will enter into the program. During this time. You have no rank, and may not attend Basic Training, AIT or Qualifications. However, you may attend any all events that we have scheduled. Whether that is playing on our public server, helping with trainings, or participating in Arma Operations. Use this time to your advantage. This is great time for you to learn about the unit and determine if this is a good fit for you. This also gives us an opportunity to see how you fit with the group and what you can bring to the organization. Things we expect from you during the DEP program: Maintain activity on the website / game servers / and discord Participate in events Offer assistance with training's (although it's up to the instructor if you can help) Adhere to our Code of Conduct and Mil-Sim culture What you can expect from us Respect and professional gameplay Active community that will help you learn what you need to learn Communication and an organized community Access to our training server, Arma operation server, as well as a team to play on our Squad public server To get to know you We want to welcome fellow brothers/sisters into our organization. Not just another player. We take this time seriously and you should as well. If we feel you are not a good fit we will simply state that. And vice versa.
  14. 1SG Benality

    Code of Conduct

    The following rules and regulations are in effect at all times. These rules are not flexible or negotiable in any way. 10th SFG members are required to abide by all rules and regulations at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dishonorable discharge from the unit. 1. Real life comes first. Many of our members are parents, have jobs, and in some cases serve in the military on active duty. Real life will always take precedence over gaming or unit business. We will tolerate no disrespect towards a member that has to stop what they are doing to attend to real world matters. 2. Discipline and professionalism are required at all times. This is required on all 10th SFG servers as well as on any other server, public or otherwise. 3. All members are required to maintain proper rank discipline at all times, in all forms of communication. This courtesy will also be extended to members of allied clans. 4. Insubordination and disrespect are not tolerated in any way, shape, or form, regardless of the situation. All members are required to conduct themselves in a professional and disciplined manner at all times, in all forms of communication. 5. While participating in a match in the game, regardless of the situation, all members will maintain a professional and disciplined demeanor. It does not matter if an opposing player is cheating, hacking, or behaving in a rude or disrespectful manner. Our soldiers will not stoop to their level. 6. Dishonest gameplay is completely unacceptable and will result in an immediate dishonorable discharge, as well as a ban from all 10th SFG servers. Dishonest gameplay includes, but is not limited to hacking, ghosting, comms ghosting, glitching, or abuse of any other game mechanic for personal gain. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty from our members and on our servers. 7. While in game, all members will refrain from unprofessional communications of all varieties. If there is an issue, the highest ranking NCO or Officer present will handle that issue. Under no circumstances will a 10th SFG member participate in an argument in-game chat. If the situation can not be resolved peacefully by the OIC or NCOIC, all 10th SFG members will exit the server in question in a quiet and professional manner. 8. We require a minimum age of 16 for membership in the 10th Special Forces Group. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religious preference, or any other criteria, and will not tolerate any type of discrimination from our members. Discord, Forums, Teamspeak Code of Conduct All members will conduct themselves on all platforms with a certain level of professionalism. There is a zero-tolerance policy for the following types of jokes, you will be warned even if you get close: Race Gender Religion Sexual Preference Suicide Pornography Drugs or other illegal activity Gruesome images Images or topics surrounding animal cruelty Outside of Jackalopes Bar and Grill, rank discipline will be maintained for both 10SFG Leadership and guest leadership. Although Jackalopes is a "Free-for-all" chat, Rule #2 still applies in that channel *The rules can and will be changed without prior notice. Make sure to check this regularly. If you are in violation of a rule, you will be notified.*
  15. 1SG Benality

    About 10SFG

    10th Special Forces Group A SQUAD / Arma 3: Fronline Unit We are more than a unit, We are a brotherhood. The 10th SFG is a professional Mil-Sim unit adapting Real life tactics for use in game, if you are tired of playing with public players who have no structure, and no sense of leadership. Then the 10th Special Forces Group is exactly what you are looking for. We are not a realism unit. We are a Military Simulation Unit. Our training system is ran and taught by actual Combat Veterans that have served in the military at home and overseas. Veteran's Experience: As mentioned earlier, the 10th Special Forces Group has many Veterans/Active Duty among the ranks, who contribute from their personal experience towards Trainings, Tactics, Discipline and other Attributes. This makes the unit the creditable MilSim unit that it is today. Delayed Entrance Program If you don't know if MilSim is for you, then consider our DEP(Delayed Entrance Program) Where you get membership for 1 month as a Recruit to follow us in game, and come to our training's to get a feel for how we do things in our unit as a MilSim. Our unit currently has 3 sections, however we are all part of 10th SFG. Each performs a certain task that works in unison with the other sections. These Include: 75th Ranger Regiment Company Light Infantry: Our primary Infantry section. Offering the largest variety of roles from Infantry, Medical, Department Shops (S1 - S5) Once completing BCT(Basic Combat training) fixed to the mechanics, and in game use of tactics, basic marksmanship, and discipline installment. You will be placed into the 75th as PV2 with a front row seat on the battlefield. Where further training will be implemented through out your career. SF ODA-0114 Special Forces Detachment: The 10th SFG's Pinnacle of training, and experience Special Operations team. Providing Asset and Strategic Demolition, Intelligence and Recon, and HVT Neutralization. Qualifying Rank of SGT E-5 or above may opt in for the process of becoming SF qualified and joining our Primer force, becoming one the follow MOS: WEAPONS SERGEANT (18B) ENGINEER SERGEANT (18C) MEDICAL SERGEANT (18D) COMMUNICATIONS SERGEANT (18E) 160th SOAR Rotary Wing Assets used for transport of troops, equipment, and Close Air Support.