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    Discord: LNine#0155, It was giving me problems on signing in with my discord so I'll Just leave it here I guess. Me and a buddy are trying to join But we both had the same issue not sure if our applications went in or not.
  2. Your Name Ell.B Age 18 Timezone Pacific Standard Time How many hours per week can you contribute to the group 5-10 Hours We operate on both Squad and Arma. Understood? Yes Do you have Real world Military Experience? Yes If so, what type? (Otherwise type N/A) U.S. Marine Corps Do you Own Arma and Squad? I own both games Have you been apart of a Mil-Sim group before? Yes If so, which one? (Otherwise type N/A) Big in BF4 ps4 when I was a scrub. 17th Spartans, 101st Wolf Para (Stupid but still led both) How did you hear about 10SFG Joined 10SFG Public Server If you were referred, name of person who referred you N/A You MUST have TeamSpeak 3 and Discord to be apart of the 10th Special Forces Group. Please download these programs if you do not have them. I understand I will download both clients You understand and acknowledge 10SFG is a Military Simulation group. Therefore, you must conduct yourself professionally and in accordance with Mil-Sim RP principles. Failure do abide by the culture of a Mil-Sim organization will result in removal from the group I understand