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10SFG Mil-Sim Gaming Group
  • Congratulations on your decision to apply to the 10th Special Forces Group!

    The 10th Special Forces Group has been active since around 2010. We are a Milsim group that operates on Arma 3 and Squad. We use realistic tactics and training to provide the best team experience possible.

    All applicants must meet the following Criteria:

    • Minimum Age of 16
    • Have Teamspeak 3, Discord, and a working Microphone
    • Able to attend at least 1 training session per week
    • Mature and professional both on public servers and on private servers
    • Able to follow instructions of designated Officers and NCO’s

    How to join:

    First Step:

    Register Register using Discord

    Creating an account on the website requires a username, password, and email validation. However, you can skip all that by signing up with your existing Discord account!


    You must read the General Information Forums.  Specifically regarding the Delayed Entry Program

    Second Step:

    You will then need to submit an application to the group.



    Join the Discord and speak with a recruiter.  If you do not join Discord, we cannot complete the recruitment process.  Also, write a member introduction in the forums so everyone knows who you are.

    Join our Discord! Member Introductions